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project44 Raises $420M

project44 closed 2021 with a $420M investment and business valuation of $2.2 billion pre-money, signaling unparalleled faith in our vision and further fueling explosive growth.


Trusted by the world’s leading brands:

The World’s #1 Advanced Visibility Platform  
At project44, we’re on a mission to make supply chains work. From visibility, full shipment lifecycle, and workflow automation capabilities, project44 is powering real-time, transparent, and optimized shipping experiences around the globe.

Focused Mission 

The market has spoken, project44's lead in supply chain visibility has never been greater. Find out why we consistently score highest in peer reviews and industry quadrants.

Leading the way to a more efficient supply chain

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We’re #1 in the industry.  

project44 is the undisputed leader in real-time visibility, garnering the highest accolades and trust from customers, partners, and industry influencers, including:

  • #1 in FreightWaves FreightTech 25.  
  • #1 in Gartner’s Voice of the Customer.  
  • #1 in G2’s Fall Grid Report for Real-Time Visibility.  
  • #1 visibility partner across all modes.  
  • A Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for RTTV. 
  • The World’s Most Advanced Supply Chain Visibility Platform.

Unmatched Trust 

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project44 Named a Customers' Choice

2021 Gartner Peer Insights Report for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms

Advanced Supply Chain Visibility: A Buyer's Guide

Eliminate the pain and guesswork of selecting a visibility provider


project44 Named a Magic Quadrant Leader

2021 Gartner Magic QuadrantTM for Real-Time Transportation Visibility


Working with project44 has been amazing! 

Partnering with project44 has made our daily work easier and has provided us with a better way of working. 

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Powerful data to unlock insights and drive real-time impact.

project44 is a powerful and easy to use service that turns carrier data into actionable insights.

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Working with project44 has been amazing! 

I like that we can see potential issues in various parts of the world and if any of our shipments may be affected.

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Amazing product that confirms why it is a leader in the market.

With project44 we are integrating at a very high pace most of our suppliers, and this is also thanks to its remarkable customer service. This allows us to improve our data quality and access a new kind of data we didn't have before. 



Supply Chain Analyst

#1 in Supply Chain Visibility


project44 is a trusted source of real time transportation insights across all modes of global transportation. Check out how project44’s data informs how to navigate the world’s supply chain disruptions

Data-Based Insights that Shift Industries

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Bloomberg Exclusive interviews project44 CEO, Jett McCandless

As the largest global visibility network, project44 delivers the connective tissue required for the industry’s leading order-level transportation visibility. Our data-first approach gives you the insights to mitigate supply chain risks and make informed decisions in real-time using dynamic ETAs, automated exception detection, and proactive alerts.

Unparalleled Data Quality