Preferred Carriers

As the only global, unified, multi-modal visibility platform in the world, project44 works with tens of thousands of carriers across all modes of transportation. We created our Preferred Carrier program to celebrate carriers that have embraced shipment visibility. From pick-up to delivery, you can count on these carriers to provide end-to-end visibility that the market demands.

What Is a Preferred Carrier?

With the worlds largest carrier network, project44 is connected with tens of thousands of fleets. Leading these fleets are p44’s Preferred Carriers — those that have seized the opportunity to turn visibility from a customer requirement into a value-added service offering, providing an enhanced customer experience.

High tracking percentages across multiple loads

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Consistent connection with p44 containing high-fidelity data

Visibility evangelists - understanding the need for and promoting shipment visibility

project44 considers a carrier to meet "Preferred" status if they meet the following criteria:

*Tracking Percentage is defined as the percentage of successfully tracked. It is calculated by dividing the total successfully tracked loads by the total initiated loads.

Certified Trackability

Visibility can't wait. Knowing a carrier's commitment to visibility programs can mean the difference when booking capacity.

That's why we've created the project44 tracking compliance badge. Carriers displaying this badge have met project44's rigorous standards for tracking quality and are considered 'Preferred Carriers' on the project44 network.

Full Truckload

North America, Europe, 
Central, and South America

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Less-Than Truckload 

North America

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