Preferred Carriers

Our Preferred Carrier program celebrates those carriers who have embraced shipment visibility, and demonstrate a high level of performance in doing so. From pickup to delivery, you can count on our preferred carrier network to provide end-to-end visibility that shippers depend on for a well-run supply chain.

The Benefits of the project44 Network

Along with access to our Visibility Operations Center, all carriers who participate in the project44 network receive the following benefits:

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Certified Trackability

Shippers and receivers today expect visibility of in-transit shipments. Knowing a carrier’s commitment to visibility is what makes the difference when shippers book transportation services.  

That’s why we’ve created the project44 tracking compliance badge. Carriers displaying this badge have met project44’s rigorous standards for tracking quality and are considered ‘Preferred Carriers’ on the project44 network.



What is a Preferred Carrier?

With the world’s largest carrier network, project44 is connected to tens of thousands of fleets. Leading these fleets are project44’s Preferred Carriers — those transportation providers that have seized the opportunity to turn visibility from a customer requirement into a value-added service offering, providing an enhanced customer experience.

Custom notifications in real time

Visibility across their entire transportation network

Data safety that’s compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards

Ease of integration. A carrier can sign up for free within two minutes

The means to provide customers with the best quality service

Reduced costs and fewer manual check calls

Perks for Preferred Carriers

Carriers admitted into the Preferred Carrier program on the project44 network get three extra advantages.

Increased exposure to the shippers and logistics service providers on the project44 network.

More business by showcasing their exceptional ability for providing trackability status.

A competitive advantage in the carrier marketplace for having been recognized for stellar performance.


How Do You Earn Preferred Carrier Status?

project44 considers a carrier to meet “Preferred” status if it meets the following criteria:

High tracking percentages across multiple loads

Have tracked more than 50 loads this year 

Visibility evangelists - understanding the need for and promoting shipment visibility

Consistent connection with p44 that provides high-fidelity data

See Our Current List of Preferred Carriers

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