Supply Chain Resilience Toolkit

Supply chains are looking forward to an uncertain year, from global trade to natural disasters and pandemics. In a volatile market, supply chains need to be resilient and able to adjust plans quickly and efficiently.

While the supply chain is a complex ecosystem where a delay can cause a ripple effect, it’s also an industry full of partnership and collaboration. With real-time visibility, supply chains can lean on their networks and improve collaboration and communication. Gaining high-fidelity insight across a shipment’s lifecycle creates more flexible transportation processes. Use this toolkit to learn how to build a more resilient supply chain with real-time transportation visibility.

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What the Toolkit Covers

This free resource will help you mitigate risk by providing tips and solutions for a more agile supply chain.

Critical attributes of a resilient supply chain

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Free Tracking to COVID-19 Response and Prevention

project44 is offering free tracking for organizations — including non-profits, NGOs, government agencies, hospitals, pharmacies, grocers, farmers, and food banks — to help them support coronavirus relief and prevention efforts. This includes over the road tracking in North America, truckload tracking in Europe, and ocean tracking for inbound freight to North America.

How transportation visibility and high-fidelity data allows supply chains to increase agility

How others have used real-time visibility to rapidly adjust plans due to COVID-19 

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