Your Supply Chain,

Solve your most complex multimodal visibility challenges with project44’s new machine learning-powered solutions. Eliminate costly visibility gaps and deliver sophisticated insights into every shipment, carrier, and lane, from door-to-door. 

The health of your business depends on an efficient supply chain 

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The Definitive Guide on Supply Chain Data Quality 

Restore Confidence in Your Supply Chain
Across All Modes


Tap into all leading global parcel capacity providers with over 115 major market and regional carriers.

LTL, VLTL, & Groupage

Fully automate the entire less-than-truckload shipment lifecycle from procurement through settlement.


Proactively track all truck types, including refrigerated freight, across North America and Europe. 


Track class I, II, and III rail shipments via API integrations in North America.


Track high-fidelity container- and vessel-level data for ocean freight across all ports of origin and destination.


Track your high-value air freight from take-off to landing with built in connections to over 100 air freight carriers around the world.


Track shipments and gain high-fidelity insights across modes.

Final Mile

Improve the customer experience by automating the home delivery of bulky, non-conveyable products in North America.

Key Takeaways:

The Efficiency Drive:
A unanimous priority is clear – reduce waste and drive efficiency. The solution? Enhanced supply chain visibility.

Collaboration is Crucial:
While the importance of visibility is understood, progress has been slow. Over 50% of companies believe in the transformative power of structured digital data sharing 

Investment in Visibility Tools:
Despite economic conditions, 72% of companies are bullish on investing in better visibility tools. 

Real Costs of Invisibility:
From overpaying for logistics to lost sales - the price of lack of visibility is high.

The Role of Advanced Tech:
AI and Machine Learning aren't just buzzwords. They're revolutionizing the supply chain, removing errors, and optimizing decisions.

Your supply chain is critical to the health of your business. To combat costs and improve agility, you need visibility for every leg of your shipment's journey seamlessly connected with predicted arrival times that you can plan around.

While many providers offer basic modal visibility, shippers adopting these solutions find themselves still grappling with costly visibility gaps as shipments transition between modes and carriers. Poor data quality from carriers only exacerbates the issue, resulting in significant (but avoidable) supply chain expenses.

In this white paper, we tackle misconceptions about supply chain visibility technology, highlight data quality traps to avoid, explore exacerbating market factors, and provide guidance on achieving high-quality visibility data. 

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Extend visibility to more modes in more places

Automate carrier 
data quality

Data is only useful if it’s accurate. project44's enhanced machine learning-powered solutions help shippers and carriers identify and fix common issues with carrier data quality to deliver unmatched accuracy.

Solving carrier data quality gaps increases efficiency and customer retention among shippers and LSPs that value visibility. Shippers in turn realize a higher return on their visibility investment, improving efficiency, cutting costs, and driving higher revenue from improved customer satisfaction.

Machine learning algorithm automatically fixes inaccurate equipment IDs to ensure successful tracking

Full Truckload


Drivers can initialize tracking with a shipment ID in the DriveVIew app, making it easier to track spot, subcontracted, and dray moves


Gain visibility into shipments you don’t manage when carriers add shipments on the project44 platform


Evaluate carriers in your network against data quality standards to identify the top performers and those who need help to fix tracking issues

Root Cause

Actionable insights for self-service resolution of common truckload tracking issues for shippers and carriers

Extended Ocean Visibility

Door-to-door visibility for every ocean shipment with timely data from all your carriers and freight forwarders.

Extended Truckload Visibility

Complete visibility for intermodal shipments moving between truckload, rail, and short sea.

Extended Air Visibility

Door-to-door visibility for your air shipments, including pre- and on-carriage moves handled by forwarders.

Barge Visibility

Granular visibility of the inland waterway segments that can be the difference between making and missing main leg connections.

Shared Visibility

Create a shared source of truth with automa-
ted visibility data sharing with customers 
or partners enabling predicted inventory management

China Over-the-Road Visibility

Expanded and exclusive FTL and LTL network coverage in the world’s largest road freight market by volume.