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Le Plus Performant en Matière de Visibilité des Transports en Temps Réel

"Enhanced processes and visibility to deter loss of high value and sensitive goods"

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Dans le premier rapport de Gartner couvrant ce marché, project44 a été nommé leader pour sa capacité d'exécution et l'exhaustivité de sa vision parmi les 14 fournisseurs évalués.

Grâce au Magic Quadrant de Gartner pour la visibilité en temps réel des transports, vous serez en mesure de:

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"Great product, great integration when the project absolutely has to go well, choose p44"

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As modern supply chains become more complex and more global, demand for visibility continues to increase at every step. One way shippers are decreasing disruptions is by selecting logistics partners who take visibility seriously and provide real-time shipment data to keep shippers in the loop from origin to destination.

Transport Intelligence, a leading global market research firm, recently conducted research to assess the critical factors shippers consider when evaluating and selecting carriers. The results include that 77% of shippers say the lack of end-to-end real-time visibility has caused disruption to their supply chain in the last six months. Many in the industry have realized that visibility has evolved from a nice-to-have into a must-have and carriers looking to stand out must act accordingly.

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Future Proofing the Supply Chain Through Real-Time Visibility


Why Carriers Need Real-Time Visibility

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