Streamline Pre-Transit Workflows with Multimodal Rating and Booking APIs

Designed to change the way you manage rate requests and share bookings, Multimodal Rating and Booking APIs give shippers and 3PLs a way to initiate spot or contract rates and send bookings to assigned carriers, seamlessly. Remove manual processes from the procurement stage and eliminate discrepancies across systems.  

Multimodal Rating and Booking APIs from project44 deliver interoperability between your system of record and the carriers you work with, enabling you to improve speed time to value with one easy to manage integration, reduce time on the negotiation and bidding process, and enhance decision making with transparent and accurate quoting data.

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Restore Confidence in Your Supply Chain
Across All Modes


Tap into all leading global parcel capacity providers with over 115 major market and regional carriers.

LTL, VLTL, & Groupage

Fully automate the entire less-than-truckload shipment lifecycle from procurement through settlement.


Proactively track all truck types, including refrigerated freight, across North America and Europe. 


Track class I, II, and III rail shipments via API integrations in North America.


Track high-fidelity container- and vessel-level data for ocean freight across all ports of origin and destination.


Track your high-value air freight from take-off to landing with built in connections to over 100 air freight carriers around the world.


Track shipments and gain high-fidelity insights across modes.

Final Mile

Improve the customer experience by automating the home delivery of bulky, non-conveyable products in North America.

Speed Up Time to Value
Manage one integration, regardless of the carrier

Reduce Freight Spend
Compare and evaluate rates with automated rate requests

Increase Planning Efficiency
Streamline the negotiation and bidding process with standardized workflows

Improve Carrier
Performance Management
Centralize carrier spot selection processes with tracking performance metrics

See How it Works

Booking requests are transmitted through the Booking API to your chosen carrier.

Once the carrier accepts the booking request, the shipment can be initialized for tracking.

Here's How it Works

Source rates from carriers within your network, instantly over API or asynchronously from non-API-enabled carriers.

Rate requests are sent through project44’s Rating API and shared with selected carriers.

Rates are returned from the carriers through the Rating API back into your system of record.