Manage Complex Global Supply Chains with International Visibility

As the leaders in visibility, project44 recognizes that international visibility is one of the most challenging areas of supply chain to solve and that basic container tracking just doesn’t cut it.

That’s why project44 doesn’t just track containers, we provide shipment visibility at the order level down to the line-item and SKU.

Our international visibility products give you the breadth, depth, and insights you need to manage your complex supply chain.

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International door-to-door visibility, no matter what kind of incoterms you have.

Ocean Visibility

Air Visibility

Door-to-door visibility for air shipments, including inland segments managed by freight forwarders. 

Rail Visibility

Wagon-level visibility for rail shipments anywhere in the world.

RoRo Visibility

Visibility for non-containerized freight, like automobiles or heavy machinery.


Avoid port congestion and excessive dwell times with real-time global container and vessel dwell data.

Port Intel

Detention & Demurrage Dashboard 

Identify and manage containers at risk of incurring demurrage fees at the click of a button.

Ocean & 
Multimodal ETAs 

Plan smarter with the most accurate predicted arrival times available for more milestones.

Carrier Analysis

Compare carriers based on performance and view carrier-specific reliability reports with historical data on your network.

Ocean Emissions Visibility

Minimize carbon emissions by optimizing routing based on actual ocean emissions per shipment.

Sailing Schedules

Optimize routes and carrier selection based on the most accurate information.

Gain visibility inside the terminal-- including status and availability – to reduce fees and streamline land-side operations.

Ocean Terminal Visibility