New IDC White Paper: 
Driving Response Velocity and Cost Efficiency with Supply Chain Visibility 

Thriving in today’s global economy requires a high-velocity supply chain -- one with complete visibility from source to customer doorstep, advanced and streamlined facility automation, and timely collaboration with carriers, customers, suppliers, and partners. A high-velocity supply chain empowers you to reduce costs, retain and expand your customer base, and optimize operations, turning your supply chain from a business risk to a critical differentiator.

project44 recently commissioned IDC to write an IDC White Paper, “Driving Response Velocity and Cost Efficiency with Supply Chain Visibility,” a data-driven look at how companies are adapting to the realities of the modern supply chain and more quickly reacting to disruption when it unexpectedly materializes.

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Why This IDC White Paper Matters

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Restore Confidence in Your Supply Chain
Across All Modes


Tap into all leading global parcel capacity providers with over 115 major market and regional carriers.

LTL, VLTL, & Groupage

Fully automate the entire less-than-truckload shipment lifecycle from procurement through settlement.


Proactively track all truck types, including refrigerated freight, across North America and Europe. 


Track class I, II, and III rail shipments via API integrations in North America.


Track high-fidelity container- and vessel-level data for ocean freight across all ports of origin and destination.


Track your high-value air freight from take-off to landing with built in connections to over 100 air freight carriers around the world.


Track shipments and gain high-fidelity insights across modes.

Final Mile

Improve the customer experience by automating the home delivery of bulky, non-conveyable products in North America.

Understand the pivotal role of data, automation, and advanced technologies like machine learning in enhancing supply chain visibility

Key Takeaways:

The Efficiency Drive:
A unanimous priority is clear – reduce waste and drive efficiency. The solution? Enhanced supply chain visibility.

Collaboration is Crucial:
While the importance of visibility is understood, progress has been slow. Over 50% of companies believe in the transformative power of structured digital data sharing 

Investment in Visibility Tools:
Despite economic conditions, 72% of companies are bullish on investing in better visibility tools. 

Real Costs of Invisibility:
From overpaying for logistics to lost sales - the price of lack of visibility is high.

The Role of Advanced Tech:
AI and Machine Learning aren't just buzzwords. They're revolutionizing the supply chain, removing errors, and optimizing decisions.

Dive deep into survey results from over 1,000 respondents spanning 14 countries, covering industries from manufacturing to retail

Garner insights from diverse regions including North America, Latin America, EMEA, and APAC