Take Control of the eCommerce Delivery Experience with Configurable Branded Tracking & Alerts

Did you know that every WISMO call costs you $5? With customer expectations for timely delivery increasing, the days of using generic branded tracking pages that pass along carrier data and don't allow for customization are over.

Project44's Configurable Branded Tracking & Alerts can help you create happier, more loyal customers while decreasing costs.

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Upgrade the eCommerce Delivery Experience with project44



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Restore Confidence in Your Supply Chain
Across All Modes


Tap into all leading global parcel capacity providers with over 115 major market and regional carriers.

LTL, VLTL, & Groupage

Fully automate the entire less-than-truckload shipment lifecycle from procurement through settlement.


Proactively track all truck types, including refrigerated freight, across North America and Europe. 


Track class I, II, and III rail shipments via API integrations in North America.


Track high-fidelity container- and vessel-level data for ocean freight across all ports of origin and destination.


Track your high-value air freight from take-off to landing with built in connections to over 100 air freight carriers around the world.


Track shipments and gain high-fidelity insights across modes.

Final Mile

Improve the customer experience by automating the home delivery of bulky, non-conveyable products in North America.

Reduce WISMO requests and call center cost 
with proactive, informative customer communications

Increase CSAT and NPS
by delivering timely, customized information at every step of the buyer journey

Increase customer loyalty 
by proactively handling delays or exceptions and providing more information to the customer up front

Increase team efficiency
with a self-service, no code tool that doesn't require technical resources 

Here's how it works: 

Use the world's most comprehensive last mile dataset and identify 3x the order issues that carriers can. 

Use 25 shipment and alert notifications to understand exactly what issue your customers are experiencing. 

Quickly create customizable tracking pages and alerts that don't require support from technical teams.

Proactively communicate to customers with segmented, batch communications based on the issue they are experiencing and your steps to resolve.

A generic experience won't generate loyalty. Give your customers the information they need with an experience that separates you from the competition.

Information That Demanding Customers Need

Technology That's Easy to Use