As market conditions continue to evolve week to week, if not day to day, it’s important to stay connected and updated on what’s happening in the industry. In this [Out of] Office Hours session, you'll hear a panel of supply chain experts from Mercado Labs, SanMar and Arizona State University's Supply Chain Program, discuss the latest industry challenges and potential paths for the future. 

With a range of perspectives from the industry, this panel will share their experiences and expertise through Q&A with the audience. Join the call to sit it on the conversation and jump in with your own questions!

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Real World Perspectives on Supply Chain Resilience and Evolving Market Conditions

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As a part of the thought leadership program, Transform, project44 brings you a new way to connect with the supply chain community.  Out of Office Hours is a an industry expert series, featuring supply chain thought leaders in an informal conversation and Q&A on vital industry topics. We’re starting Out of Office Hours to keep the conversations going and provide information to help everyone keep moving safely and smoothly forward. 

Stop by our second Out of Office Hour session to join conversations with industry thought leaders and other supply chain professionals. In this casual session, attendees are encouraged to show their video and ask questions. We can’t wait to see you!

Speaker Bio

John Janson
Global Logistics Director

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Rob Garrison
CEO & Co-Founder
Mercado Labs

Dr. Dale Rogers
ON Semiconductor Professor

of Business at the Supply Chain Management Dept
Arizona State University

Speaker BioSpeaker Bio

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